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Little League California District 49

6th Annual Little League Softball West Region Visitation Tournament

In an attempt to grow the Little League Softball program we are in the process of planning a softball visitation tournament. This tournament is a three-day tournament with teams playing at the Western Regional Complex in San Bernardino!

The visitation will start on Friday, April 26, 2024 and end on Sunday, April 28, 2024. The event will be considered an extended special games event, and will be a pool play tournament with each team playing a minimum of three games. To fill the eight available team/league slots, we will be performing a lottery with eligible teams. There is an electronic entry form that is on this site, or can be accessed by CLICKING THIS LINK

If interested, you must enter your league and submit the entry form by FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2024.

The lottery will be conducted on Monday, April 1, 2024, and leagues will be contacted via email to let them know they have been selected. There will be a $200 entrance fee per team. 

Teams entered by the league must be chartered in the Little League (Majors) Division of play. All games will be played at the Western Regional Complex in San Bernardino. All players must have a signed and completed medical release and all players, coaches and managers must have a completed and signed Form Release & Waiver. Copies of each will be sent via email to the selected leagues.

Final payment must be received by California District 49 by MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2024.

For more questions, please feel free to contact the Tournament Director at [email protected].


Q: Why does this tournament fall on this specific weekend?
A: The Western Region opens their facility for leagues to utilize throughout the season. We are limited to when we can hold these special games. To prepare for the tournament season, the region is closing access to the field starting in May, so this season the tournament has been moved to the month of April.

Q: Is there a host hotel that parents can book rooms at?
A:We do not book or block rooms for this tournament. There are numerous hotels in the San Bernardino area that you can book a room with at a competitive rate.

Q: Are there laundry facilities at the complex?
A: We do not have washers and dryers available for the visitation. We recommend that this be discussed with parents who can either supply additional uniform items like socks and pants, or coordinate with a few parents to be responsible for washing the team uniforms.

Q: Is there RV parking at the complex?
A: Per our Little League Facility Usage agreement motorhomes, trailers, RVs or any other type of vehicle like those mentioned are not allowed on property.

Q: We are combining two teams to form our visitation team. Can they wear their regular season uniform or can we order them a special jersey for the tournament?
A: If combining, players are more then welcomed to wear their regular season uniform. If a local league would like to purchase jerseys specifically for the tournament, that is fine too. ALL UNIFORMS MUST HAVE THE LITTLE LEAGUE PATCH AFFIXED TO IT AS SHOWN IN RULE 1.11(a)(2)! If combining teams, you must designate on the team roster what regular season team the players participate on. You may only combine up to two teams.

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